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I’m currently traveling from one state to another to visit my family. As I look around in the lobby waiting for my plane to arrive and eventually board the plane, I realize that I’m the only one with a book in my hand. Everyone else has their eyes glued to their cellphones doing God knows what. Maybe they are reading interesting things to improve their lives or a way to escape it. Either way it’s interesting to see this shift while a couple of years back, there were many more book readers waiting to board a plane.

Anyways, the book I’m reading talks about the Uncommon Professional by Andrés Portes and here are some pointers.

There are three kinds of professionals. The uncaring, the mediocre, and the excellent. I won’t bother with the uncaring and mediocre because if you are reading this, you do not want to become those.

So how to transform yourself into the excellent (uncommon) professional?

Here are eight characteristics found in the excellent professional:

1) Auto evaluation – In order to serve others you first need to know yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses and always look to improve yourself. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others (your customers).

2) Attitude – Movement with productivity. Your actions have to demonstrate an attitude of care for the well being of your customers.

3) Relationship – Having excellent relationships guarantees that we are taken care of and that we can take care of our customers.

4) Order, Focus and Discipline – Without them we can’t keep going with our purpose.

5) Solving Problems – Being a problem solver is what your customers are looking for. It demonstrate that you care for them.

6) Brand – You are the brand of your company. Your actions have meaning and create credibility and trust among your customers and peers. Become the brand that stands tall among your competitors.

7) Passion – Without passion, we are just enthusiasts. We won’t do what’s necessary to take care of our customers and we won’t look for help when we need it.

8) Purpose – We can only care for our customers if we know the reason why we are doing it. Our “why” is the first step and our motivation.

Now you can reflect on this question, what is stopping you from achieving such excellence?

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